Newsletter 12/11/08

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Merry Christmas, Friends!

I hope you’re having a Merry Christmas season, and aren’t just hanging on for dear life as you rush around trying to get everything done. This time of year provokes so many emotions—from anger, to grief, to joy, to reflection. If this is a tough Christmas for you, I pray that you’ll dig into the Word and let Christ’s comfort flow over you. If this is a great Christmas for you, I pray you’ll be aware of those around you who are in need. I’ll never forget my Christmas years ago, when I was going through a very painful divorce, and I moved back to my hometown area to start over. God provided for me through a friend from another state who sent stockings for me and my kids, which she arranged to have waiting for us in the apartment we’d rented, sight unseen. As we moved in on December 23rd, a Sunday morning, we ran into our next-door neighbors—another single mom with two children the same ages as mine, dressed and headed for church. She became a lifeline for me for the next few months, and her children made the transition so much easier for my kids. I’ll never forget God’s grace in showing up for me that year, and reminding me that He had neither left nor forsaken me. I wish I did the same for Him every year.

As you shop for gifts this season, remember to shop in the Christian bookstores in your area. It’s a difficult time for many businesses, but Christian stores are really struggling. Most of these stores are all about ministry, and the products they sell have eternal value and impact the lives of their customers in so many ways. What better gift than a book that will encourage, challenge, comfort or entertain its reader? And a book can be read again and again, shared by many, and re-gifted over and over.

Double Minds Releasing Soon

Double Minds

It’s almost time for Double Minds to release. It ships January 23rd, so it should begin showing up in your bookstores around the first or second week of February. I’ve had this idea germinating in my mind for years. I wanted my character, Parker James, to be a sort of quirky, sweet songwriter who’s striving to be a star, but chaos seems to whirl around her. She’s been hanging around in my mind for so long that I almost felt she was real. The whole time I was writing the Restoration Series I was thinking of her, anxious to begin writing her story. Double Minds explores the Christian music industry, and as Parker struggles to make her dream come true, she is drawn into a murder plot that changes her goals and her future. For more information about Double Minds, go to my web site

Choose My Next Cover

As we’re preparing for the September release of the book I just finished, which we’re callingIntervention, we need help choosing the cover. If you have a minute and would like to help, please go to the following link and tell us which cover you’d be more likely to buy. I’m not going to tell you the plot just yet. Right now we’re just interested in which cover would make you want to read the story inside. I really appreciate your help! To vote, go here.

Thanks For A Great Year

As we bring this year to a close, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for buying my books and giving me such great feedback. Dawn’s Light and the rest of the books in the Restoration Series are still selling well, and so is my backlist. I get so many letters from readers telling me they buy them for their friends who aren’t Christians. And sometimes those recipients write me to tell me that God used the story or the Afterword to lead them to Christ. What a thrill that is!

May the new year bring you many blessings and abundant joy—

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