Home at Last!

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I’ve just finished a traveling marathon, at least for me. It started with my trip to Minneapolis to teach at the American Christian Fiction Conference, and a book-signing at the Mall of America. It was a wonderful time and I got to meet a lot of great writers and readers. I have to thank all of the board members of ACFW. They have a herculean task putting on this conference each year, and I don’t know how they do it. Most of them, if not all, are published authors with deadlines. Their sacrifice is amazing, and they do it all to help other writers who are trying to break into the Christian publishing world.

Then I went to Michigan for a retreat at Zondervan (my publisher) in Grand Rapids. I was blessed to stay in an inn on a beautiful lake, and had a perfectly lovely few days with some terrific writers. Then I flew to New York for some more business, and had the opportunity to go up-state along the Hudson, where the leaves were beginning to turn. Earlier this year I went to Ireland, and as beautiful as that country is, it isn’t any lovelier than some of the places I’ve been in America.

I got back home late last night, and am now trying to recover from the toll all that travel took on my aching back. I love seeing new places, but I I don’t like the process of getting there. I hate airports, security lines, my heavy briefcase, stairs instead of breezeways, late flights, hotels, luggage, etc. But I LOVE coming home to my precious husband and sleeping in my own bed.

Deadlines await. 

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