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People often ask me what kind of routine I have for studying my Bible. For those of you who are interested, I take and teach Precept Bible studies. At the moment I’m teaching 1 & 2 Thessalonians in my church. Often, whatever I’m studying finds its way into the books I’m writing. Often, God is dealing with me through passages in that course, so naturally I want to pass those lessons on to my readers.

If you’re interested in Precept courses, go to and find a church near you that teaches these courses. I’ve been doing Precept studies for over ten years, and I’ve learned more about the Bible that way than ever before.

My routine while I’m in a Precept course is to do 30-40 minutes of homework each day. That usually primes my heart for prayer. Then I have a prayer time. When I’m not involved in a Precept course, I will read several chapters of the Bible each morning. Sometimes I’ll read a whole book in one sitting. I want to read it like a letter to me, and I wouldn’t read a few sentences of a letter, or just one page. I want to know everything the Lord wants me to know.

The Bible is so rich with things God wants us to know, and if we read it through 1,000 times we wouldn’t ever finish discovering the riches buried there.

I confess I do have mornings when my schedule is different and I rush out the door before I’ve done any of this. But this is what I try to do each day.

I hope you have a plan, and that you accomplish it every day!

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