When Dreams Cross

When Dreams Cross
Series: The Second Chances Series, Book 2
Genre: Series
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication Year: June 2000
ASIN: 0310207096
ISBN: 9780310207092
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Justin Pierce’s cartoon character, Khaki Kangaroo, is exactly the theme developer Andi Sherman needs for her world-class amusement park, Promised Land. In turn, Andi’s park is the opportunity that could propel Justin from obscurity to success. For both of them, spreading the Gospel through their creation is a passion. This shared dream could cement a powerful partnership–if their shared past hadn’t already driven them apart. As park construction nears its final phase, the uneasy alliance between the businesswoman and the animator enters a baptism of fire. Disaster stalks Promised Land, and only by burying their pride can Justin and Andi save their dreams from destruction.

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